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Business hours

Monday-Saturday: 8:30-11am and 3-5:30pm,

Sunday 8:30-11am

*boarding check-in 3pm-5:30pm and boarding check-out  8:30am-11am, if you choose to check-in in the am or check-out in the pm hours, a $32 daycare fee will be applied.


  • Deluxe suites: $49

    • Double occupancy: $79

    • Triple occupancy: $99 *small-medium only

  • Luxury suites with private patio's: $59

    • Double occupancy: $89

    • Triple occupancy: $119 *limited availability for large

  • Cat Condo: $29

    • Double occupancy for cats: $49



$32/day **Limited availability

Daycare Packages:

  • 5 days: $150 *expires in 30 days

  • 10 days: $290 *expires in 45 days

  • 20 days: $550 *expires in 60 days

Add On's:

  • Frozen Kongs and/or Lick Mats: $5 - Peanut butter, pumpkin or yogurt. Keeps your pup calm, entertained and enriched!

  • IQ puzzles: $5 - Some mental stimulation with a treat!

  • Puppuccino: $5 - Bring Starbucks to their suite while you are away!

  • Medication administration: $2/dose, no injectables


Dog Boarding & Daycare Requirements:

Dogs must be a minimum of 16 weeks of age and have current vaccination records to include DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Para influenza, Parvovirus), Rabies and Bordetella. Please upload or bring a copy of your pets vaccination records. All Dogs must be free of parasites and in good health, no coughing, vomiting or diarrhea 48 hours prior to arrival. All pets are inspected on arrival. If health concerns or parasites are identified, they must be picked up immediately and/or given a treatment at your expense. All dogs must be social, we cannot accept dogs that will not allow our staff to handle them safely. Some otherwise friendly pets can change their behavior once their family leaves. If your pet is displaying behavior that may be unsafe you will be contacted to make arrangements for pickup.

All dogs must be on a leash and in your control while on Farmhouse Pet Lodge property. 


Dogs participating in daycare must complete a temperament evaluation. Dogs that have passed the temperament evaluation but have not attended daycare within 90 days will require a new temperament evaluation.


Cat Boarding Requirements: 

Proof of current Rabies and Distemper, please upload or bring a copy of your pet's vaccination records. Cats must be free of parasites and in good health, no coughing, vomiting or diarrhea 48 hours prior to arrival. We cannot accept cats that are unable to be handled. All cats must be brought in and kept in a secure cat carrier during check in.


Farmhouse Pet Lodge will provide the litter box and bowls. Pet Parents provide litter and food from home. Clean toys, bedding, treats are optional. Farmhouse Pet Lodge can provide litter and food for a daily fee if needed.

***Ask about our boarding availability for other small animals!


Baths for boarding and daycare clients: Starting at $40, call for details

Contact us for additional information on grooming services and availability



Contact us for additional information on training services and availability

***For all credit card payments, a 3.55% processing fee applies. NO CASH. Personal checks accepted.

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